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Nice render you got there, pal…

I’m a little confused by the news of the new 30th Anniversary Optimus Prime “toy”.  We’ve seen a render of this big weird modern vehicle of a truck that looks like Optimus but is a vehicle that is conjoined with its trailer.  That’s very un-Optimus-like, now isn’t it?

Fast-forward to tonight, the launch of Transformers Movie 4 toys in Japan… (courtesy of Bottalk)


That’s no toy

Sooooo TakaraTomy actually dressed up a real-life semi to be some sort of rolling life-sized Transformers-mobile.  So what gives?  All the reports say new toy, but that seems so out of left field.  It’s just strange and I’m worried something is just being lost in translation.  My mantra, as usual: time will tell.