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Is that you, Tarn?

Kudos to TakaraTomy for revealing the most bonkers combiner yet to be revealed amongst the Combiner Wars: Unite Warriors 06 Grand Galvatron!

Sold as a giftset, like most other Unite Warriors combiners, Grand Galvatron is the Japanese response to Hasbro’s Galvatronus. Much like Galvatronus is meant to force other robots to combiner with him, Grand Galvatron consists of mostly unexpected iterations of characters crossing many timelines and toylines.  The Ghost Starscream makes the most sense, but then we kick the dial up a few notches past heroin over-dose and Thrust from Armada drops over for hit, along with his new buddy Breakdown from Transformers: Prime.  But the party really starts once we realize IDW’s own Roller has dropped a few squares and we realize just what kind of friends we’ve made.


Such an innocent face

Named “Wandering Roller”, this redeco of Rook is actually a pretty smart move.  The alt mode is completely grey, just like the original G1 Roller, and the bot mode takes on the essence of Orion Pax’s early-day buddy who we lost somewhere along the way… or did we?

If you’re a follower of Collecticon, then you should be well aware of this site’s hunch that Roller = Tarn of the Decepticon Justice Division. We aren’t expecting a confirmation one way or the other until maybe this time in 2016, but it sure is one of the great mysteries of More Than Meets The Eye.  

It sure is suspect that Grand Galvatron decided to pull all Decepticons into the folder for his combiner except for one… so just why is he there?  Keep you eyes here to find out the moment we do!