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Are your spidey-senses tingling yet?

The iTunes preview of “Sins of the Wreckers” issue 2 came out today and boy did it not waste any time!  We are back in the Noisemaze with Prowl and we get a name for his captor, although it doesn’t appear to be his current name.  “Mesothulas” is what Prowl calls him, a new name.  We also are treated to some cool visuals of a mummified Prowl in what appears to be a giant spider web.  Did you know that “Mesothelae” is a sub-order of the Arachnid Family? Sure seems like someone I’ve heard of before

Knowing how these stories are often constructed, I didn’t expect the reveal of Prowl’s captor to be so obvious, but maybe there is more going on than we can even suspect yet. Whomever has him appears to be the victim of one of Prowl’s schemes from very early in the war, and probably post MTMTE: Shadowplay era.

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