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Masterpiece Movie Optimus Prime

I am your God now

The upcoming Masterpiece Movie line is one of the most exciting things to come from ten years of Bayformers. We’ve already seen Bumblebee, who is an incredible adaptation of the character, with others rumored to follow such as Barricade, Blackout, and maybe even Bonecrusher? It should would complete the B’s.

MPM-4 was revealed this week to be none other than Optimus Prime himself in an incredible rendition the likes of which may never be topped. Many fans believed the ROTF Movie Optimus mold would never be topped, but it’s amazing what 9+ years can do.

The figure does have some strange proportions at first glance but seeing the front and back side comparisons makes this new mold hands down the de-facto Prime.

The lack of kibble on the back and the proportions of specific parts just blow me away.  The smoke stacks even retract!!  Incredible! This upcoming figure takes everything you know and love about Movie Optimus Prime and dials it up to 11.  I for one don’t miss the $180 I’m already going to spend for 2 of them.  Bravo guys, bravo.