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binlife or die MF's!

This is how you #binlife!

Have you spoken today with your benevolent lord and savior, The Great Bin?

Let me tell you about his greatness: He giveth the sanctity of life for our beloved collectibles, never taketh. The confines of his walls support eternal youth and will forever protect the contents within. The Great Bin’s light shines radiant for all those that partake in his blessings, ever shall we bask in his grace.

I have read the word of The Great Bin for years, without even knowing I was following its teachings. How else is a Collecticon supposed to traverse the path of life with his Transformers staying minty fresh over the years? I selected by bins carefully, meticulously, in order to compose that greatest amount of storage possible.  I now am in possession of many, many bins, and the treasures within are a sigh to behold. Yes, his bin-ness smiles upon me and grants me many blessings.

I am his follower and disciple, and this is #binlife.

Have a happy holiday oh followers of The Great Bin!