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Greetings Collecticons.

I wanted to take this time to make a quick note on this New Years Day, a day that over 10 years ago got me started on setting up this website.  It was always meant to be more than just a blog where one could very sporadically spout off about Transformers at large. I want to make a personal pledge to write at least one or more posts per week for the month of January.

I have plenty of interesting stuff to share like the current relocation of my MISB collection, explaining the teachings of #binlife, and generally showing off some of the cooler pieces I acquired over the past year(s).

I also want to take this time to reflect on all of the awesome people I’ve met and gotten closer to this year within our fandom, local and beyond. Thank you for making me proud to be a Transfan. It is very easy to remain isolated in this hobby, and isolation is definitely not something to strive for.

May we all aspire to enjoy a Transformers Party like the one pictured below.

Here’s to a great 2018, and keep on collecting!


Paulcon 2017 (not to be confused with PFcon)