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Supvillain The Sucklord captured in his natural state.

For years I’ve been mystified by the discovery of an obscure line of Transformers figures called “Occupy Cybertron.” They came about in the early 2010’s and are incredibly difficult to get ahold of. Why? Because they are small-run art-house custom-crafted toys based around events put on by New York City pop-culture artist, The Sucklord.

The Sucklord was spear-heading the mini-mass production style of releasing custom toys well before customizers were garnering followers on twitter or instagram by posting their photos. The Sucklord was instead hitting the streets and brute-forcing his unique creations onto the indie toy scene of New York City. Bizarre creations like the pink “Gay Empire” stormtrooper and Sucklord 66 releases helped him standout as someone that was really pushing the envelope of what an action figure could represent.

The figure that catapulted The Sucklord to super Suckdom.

Fast-forward to 2019 and the Sucklord has been in the bootleg figure game longer than almost anyone, and yet he hadn’t made a major splash in Chicago yet. Leave it to Chicago action figure upstart Collecticon Toys to champion The Sucklord’s arrival by producing a large one-day Super Suckadelic event in Chicago’s own Logan Square neighborhood. Calling on the assistance of like-minded local businesses Galerie F, Toy de Jour, and Logan Arcade, they were able to put together a sort of scavenger hunt following The Sucklord around the area for 3 special appearances on September 21st.

  • 2:30 PM – Galerie F – The Sucklord gives his Suckadelic Lecture. Exclusive Event Art Print Poster available for sale.
  • 5:00 PM – Toy de Jour – Exclusive Event Sucklord 68 Figure available for sale & Retrospective art show.
  • 8:00 PM – Logan Arcade – Afterparty with Chicago’s DJ TEWZROCK and Exclusive Event Mixtape and drink specials.
The Sucklord comes to Chicago Sept 21, 2019 - It's the Same Old Style
Announcement flier for The Sucklord’s September 21st, Chicago Invasion.

The event has been titled “It’s the Same Old Style” by The Sucklord and the initial flier art may hint at the look and feel of the exclusive Suckadelic merchandise being developed for this event.

There’s lots of excitement in the air as we move towards The Sucklord’s first ever official appearance in Chicago, and if you want to check it out be sure to RSVP online. The exclusives are expected to sell out so be on time and remember: don’t be snoozin’!

For further detailed information about this event please visit the Facebook event page.

The Sucklord coming to Chicago
He comin’