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Do you collect Seekers? Well we got an officially licensed one that you probably don’t!

¥6500 for WHAT!?

Every year for Wonder Festival, TakaraTomy gives out 1-day licenses of some of its products to smaller-time toy makers and once again, Paralyzing Toyz has been able to offer a new exclusive Transformers figure at their booth. This year was no except with the reveal of their purple Jetron, which is paying homage to the OTFCC 2003 Heroes of Cybertron giftset featuring the 3 Air Warrior seeker as seen in the “More Than Meets They Eye” episodes of The Transformers. The figure retailed at ¥6500. That price may seem high for such a simple figure, but these are true Art-House toys made by hand and only available in a small production batch. There was more than just the Purple Jetron though, see below!

Collect the whole set! Yeah right!!!

Fans of small-run customs will understand the appeal of these non-transforming figures. It’s not always about articulation and screen-accuracy. Sometimes it’s just impressive that the item was made at all.

Paralizing Toyz Soft Vinyl Transformer Figures at Wonderfest 2020
Lots of samples and pre-paint app editions.

The team behind these toys has made quite a few different figures over the years. Their first major reveal was in 2018 with the Air Commander Starscream vinyl that was available during that year’s Wonder Festival in Japan. See below to see the limited edition packaging that his figure came in. Notice it has a Tomy copyright! See? LEGIT!!!

Paralizing Toys Vinyl Starscream from 2018 Wonder Festival
Paralyzing Toys Vinyl Starscream from 2018 Wonder Festival

So how feasible is it to capture the entire Paralyzing Toyz Transformers toyline? If you don’t live in Japan, pretty difficult. These items appear on Ebay occasionally with a hefty mark-up. If you’re into bootleg toys or appreciate the craft of making small-run action figures, it just doesn’t get any better than this. Check out this Comic-colored Soundwave!

If you want to know more about these awesome one-of-a-kind and officially licensed figures, you might want to check out the following Instagram accounts.