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While I was eagerly awaiting any news from Atmoscon Vol.8 about the MP-10 Convoy Atmos Duck Camo ver., I was shocked to discover it has been cancelled!!!!! This is another convention in a long line of high-profile events cancelled due to Corona Virus fears. Wow. I am shocked!

The event was set for March 7 and 8 in Tokyo Japan, but has been cancelled by event organizers due to fears of Coronvirus. Anyone that bought tickets will be allowed a chance to receive a refund. This is a real shame and we’ll just have to wait and see if any of the items that were meant to be released exclusively at the event get a release. MP-10ADC Convoy (Atmos Duck Camo Ver.) was presumed to be launched at this event, but now we may never know! I’m cryin’ a few rivers right now.