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Are my memory circuits bugging out? Something about this scene in The Transformers: The Movie is not quite how I remember it but man, I gotta get me another Earthrise Soundbarrier! What a strapping young lad!

“I’ve got to help prime!”

Wow, little Soundbarrier just seems to have been one of those “one and done” Movie-only characters. That’s probably why my memory isn’t serving me. It’s pretty cool that Hasbro decided to pay homage to this classic scene by giving us a new Battlemaster toy of him in Earthrise… but wait, there’s more?

Right under our noses the whole time.

Well shiver me timbers, Soundbarrier has been there all along! Someone needs to edit the wiki…

In all seriousness, these fantastic edits were created by twitter user @drivaaar and should be considered some of the best high-level crusty Transformers comedy of the early 2020 self quarantine debacle. Bravo! More, please?