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Announcing PFCON 2017 – a premiere TF collector meet-up in Chicago

Hold onto your buckets!  This just in, PFCON 2017 is a go and will be held on Sunday July 23 in Humboldt Park at a private residence!  An exclusive figure will be available as a limited run of 17 for $30!  Includes a goodie bag with lots of… goodies.

So what will the exclusive be?  Only time will tell!  PFCON is doing it in full TF fashion with a shadow reveal!!  You can attend Noon to 6PM if you live in Chicago for free.  For location and more info, reach out to @pfconchicago on twitter.

Who could it be????



Transformers 4 videos from Chicago

Filmed these yesterday in Chicago!  More coming soon.


Here are the cars driving away:


Kid Robot Flight Dunny (Starscream) available at Rotofugi

Flight Dunny Starscream toy kid robot

Too late kid, ya missed it already!

**Special thanks to Unregistered User for the tip on this story!

Well well well, the age of collectible vinyl toys is beginning to creep into our beloved plastic crack! Today, Chicago local toy store, Rotofugi, made available a special Kid Robot Dunny by artist KaNO called “Flight.” As indicated in the announcement article, the design is “Inspired by the golden age of Saturday morning cartoons.” Ha ha, nice try. At least this is better use of parody and inspiration than most ‘inspired’ 3rd party products.

The toy was marked ‘out of stock’ on their online store within 2 minutes, but a few remaining stock trickled back into the system. If you were unlucky enough to not be able to purchase it online, Chicago natives were welcome to pick this Starscreamer up in person when Rotofugi’s doors opened at 11 AM. Guess who was there? THIS GUY! However, my phone was dead so I have no photos of the event. Sad face.

Kid Robot Starscream vinyl toy


Still no word on the chase colors, but if I were to guess, I might expect a Skywarp and Thundercracker version. Who knows how ‘in the know’ KaNO was for this though. This is a very cool cross-over collectible that comes highly recommended by yours truly.

Chicago Rotofugi dunny dlight

I wonder what we got here?


Transformers displays at 27th Annual Pinball Expo in Chicago

Transformers pinball at pinball expo

Big presence at the expo this year

Jason Blue Boost is on the scene at this year’s annual Pinball Expo held in Chicago.  This year, there is quite a lot of buzz around the Transformers pinball game.  Here are some quick photos of signage at the event.  You too can attend, but there is a fee.

Check out the site for the event here.

Transformers pinball banner

Look at that beautiful machine... I mean the pinball game!


Hints at Botcon 2012 location?

Arlene Banas as Miss Chicago 1967

'Did you all know Arlene Banas was Miss Chicago 1967? Very lovely!'

Was Botcon’s tweet the other day a hint at a possible location for Botcon 2012? I’m not so sure, but a close friend tipped me off to this possibility. We are both living here though, so of course we are vying for the battleground of Transformers 3 to be the next big Botcon locale. I’ve unsuccessfully predicted Chicago as the Botcon location for two years now though so I am getting a little soft. However, that movie…

Dark of the moon ship in chicago

I can't think of one good reason why they might make the big Transformers convention in Chicago. Not a one.


Transformers 3 sight-seeing tours in Chicago

Transformers 3 Chicago filming locations

I'm the mayor of Cybertron!

So there is a new Foursquare badge in Chicago for visiting all the filming locations of Transformers 3. I am not one to participate in that meta game, but this is intriguing. I’ve been anticipating some sort of Transformers 3 city tour, maybe I’ll even start my own! God knows I could do it. Everyone would have to wear the Cine-masks instead of those little flags or arm bands. Lord.

Check out the link here: http://www.explorechicago.org/city/en/supporting_narrative/events___special_events/special_events/tourism/Games_copy/t3.html


Chicago-land repacker strikes again – a new low with a custom Wheeljack stand-in

Generations Wheeljack fake repack returned to store

This is worse than bad comedy

Well the old “Illinois re-packer” has struck again. The group of us here in Chicago haved dubbed this shadowy figure as ‘the re-packer,’ his or her true identity unknown. We all assume it’s just one person, the same as that crafty ‘scalper’ that seems to be in every store in the United States right before YOU got there.

Most likely, this is the work of a few different people over time, but this particular example above shows some real lack of character, if not just plain scum-bag behavior. Considering my disdain for customizing Transformers, re-packing one’s horribly executed customs in place of a decent figure and returning it to a store is just asking for trouble. Someday we are going to find you, re-packer, and you will pay for the sins of everyone that has come before you. You will rue that day!


Botcon 2011 Hall of Fame Ceremony – 20 minutes of Dark of the Moon footage?

Transformers Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime in destroyed Chicago

Chicago - it was a hell of a town!

Check out this article recently posted prepping press for Transformers Dark of the Moon on Coming Soon.

In the article it’s stated by the Coming Soon staff…

Bay is hesitant to call the film “bigger,” but everything we witnessed moments later in the Paramount theater screams “huge” (although we do understand what Bay meant story-wise). Of the nearly 20 minutes of footage shown to us (with an extra five shown in 3D), it’s clear Bay is taking the series to new heights in every respect.

So apparently there is already a nice packaged set of clips being pimped to the press.  I would be one to guess that this 20 minutes of footage is what we can expect to see at Botcon 2011’s Hall of Fame Ceremony which costs a whopping $50 extra to the already expensive trip.  So is this bit of footage going to be enough to whet your appetites?  Considering I saw the first whole movie at Botcon 2007 for about $20 extra, I am calling a bit of foul, but whatever.  They can screw us again and again and we’ll all keep coming to the convention.  Sucks to be addicted to plastic crack, don’t it?

Chicago is BURNING!!! Transformers 3 teaser trailer hits the Super Bowl with a bang

Transformers 3 dark of the moon decepticon warships attack chicago

Oh dear God it's more beautiful than I could've ever imagined!

Chicagoans aren’t the only ones upset with the race for our next mayor, the Decepticons are taking matters into their own hands this Summer! That’s right folks, the latest teaser trailer for Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon has hit the web! Check it out in High Def at michaelbay.com.

Just like with Revenge of the Fallen’s initial trailer, it was revealed in the form of a 30-second Superbowl advertisement and it did NOT disappoint!  We were treated to a lush canvas of beautiful Chicago being completely DESTROYED by what appears to be a very significant invasion by Decepticon forces, expected to be lead by Shockwave himself.  This stuff is just MEAN!!  The HANCOCK BUILDING IS ON FIRE!!!  Many Chicago landmarks are plainly visible and will most likely be called out by name.  Check out the video below with annotations enabled to get a good feel for which areas of the city are featured in the quick 30-second snippit.

Some of the more notable details from the trailer are as follows:

– Optimus Prime retains what appears to be Jetfire’s corpse parts, and then immediately disposed of them after hitting the ground.

Transformers 3 dark of the moon Optimus flies in

Ye' olde Jetpack!

– Repurposed Decepticon frames will be showing up again, most likely as cannon fodder including Brawl, Blackout / Grindor, Long Haul and BARRICADE!.

– A bird-like Decepticon appears, who is most definitely one of Soundwave’s minions and it can be inferred that this create is LASERBEAK!

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Laserbeak buzzsaw bird

Laserbeak, report!

– A half-dozen Decepticon warships are hovering around Chicago with a multitude of smaller flying attackers. It is not clear whether these are actual Transformers or separate vehicles driven by Transformers inside.

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon bumblebee near Chicago Wrigley building

Bumblebee just wants to see that silly river turn green.

All in all, I CANNOT wait to see Chicago get blown to bits on the big screen in Imax! I will be there opening night for sure! Get your tickets while you can!!!

Transformers 3 burning Chicago skyline hancock building

See Chicago, this is what happens to your skyline if you don't pay your taxes!


Transformers 3 Megatron questions – why the cape?

Megatron with cape in Transformers Dark of The Moon

Gypsies, tramps and thieves, could TF3 Megatron be one of these?

This Collecticon just can’t resist a chance to make something out of nothing so here goes my reaction to the recently posted revelation of Megatron’s alt-mode in Transformers 3.

First off, Megatron’s toy looks super cool.  We have never before seen a flowing substance like fabric make its way into our plastic universe.  Animal hair and flesh, sure, but a frozen-in-motion fabric tarp?  Impressive and innovative to say the least.  The dual-use of this piece as a cargo shelter in alt-mode, but hooded cape in robot mode really breathes some life back into the movieverse, let alone its toys.

Evangelion Unit 02 with cloack Megatron head

I think Asuka might be in for a surprise

The robot mode for Megatron finally gives us a properly proportioned silhouette for this megalomaniac of a robot.  For once, I am not left feeling like I’m staring at a giant man-made ball of tinfoil.  However, I am also geting ‘vagrant’ vibes from this toy.

My assumption is that Megatron has been hiding out.  After his defeat to Optimus Prime, Megatron is taking Starscream’s cue and laying low.  Perhaps a point-blank shot to the jaw knocked some of the arrogance out of Mighty Megatron – not likely, but plausible.  This could be a Megatron we have never seen before:  An outcast on the run from the long arm of Optimus Prime’s and his Autobots’ law.

Another possibility is that if Megatron has been hiding out, we may see the Madmax truck lurking around other Autobot goings-on throughout the film until the big reveal at the end and “Surprise kids, it’s been MEGATRON the whole time!”  This may also be a chance for Megatron to achieve redemption against his fellow transformer.  Being a truck puts Megatron one step closer to following in his “brother” Optimus’s footsteps.  A team-up perhaps to defeat the omnipotent Shockwave or… Unicron?

Whatever happens, we are likely to see some awesome robot romps throughout my residing home Chicago.  I can’t wait to see what havoc can be rained down upon Michigan Avenue.  Till all are gone.