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MP13 will be a remold of MP12 – probably Breakdown

Transformers MP13 Masterpiece

Not such a big surprise afterall

A bunch of hoopla is spreading in Transformerland due to the typical spooky Japanese methods of teasing new figures. We see a black silhouette of an upcoming toy with no size indication or explanation.

If you look closely, the profile very closely resembles that of the newly revealed MP12 Sideswipe prototype, minus the giant shoulder cannon. My guess is this is a remolded Decepticon version of MP12 as Breakdown. Simple as that.

EDIT: I was wrong


He’s a Firestarter – TakaraTomy Masterpiece Sunstorm MP11-S announced

Transformers Masterpiece Sunstorm MP11-S

"Hey guys, here for the party! What? Not who you were expecting?"

Curve ball number 905 for 2012 – MASTERPIECE SUNSTORM IS COMING! Will he have a cape? I sure hope he does. He is Starscream’s brother afterall. Definitely picking this mother up when it comes near. Be careful, he’s hot!

Oh yeah, some other toy was announced today too.


Hegemon 3rd party Megatron hits the mark – a fake Transformer I actually like

Awesome 3rd Party Megatron

Amongst his fake Transformer underlings

For all my outright hatred of all KO’s and 3rd party non-licensed Transformer toys, there is once in a while a glimmer of awesome amongst the crap.  Today a shining star appeared from beneath the rubble and it is a new 3rd party Megatron toy from some company that has yet to be named.

3rd party Hegemon Megatron gun and accessories

Predacons, accessorize!

This thing comes with awesome accessories and succeeds where the Masterpice Megatron somewhat failed int he bulk and overall build of the robot mode.  The gun handle is a bit oversized, but we always have to give in a little, don’t we? Feast your eyes on the new emperor of destruction!

Hegemon Megatron with axe and morning star

A little white-balance never hurt nobody


Further Transformers pinball details – 4 different versions

Transformers Pinball game details

4, count'em, 4 versions of this pinball game

Wow!  We hit the mother load!

Here are some further details on the game:

You can definitely see the Autobots vs. Decepticons elements alluded to in the Transformers teaser video. It has a center Optimus Prime toy shot (like we speculated) surrounded by five other lit shots. The center playfield features six Autobots and six Decepticons for (presumably) modes depending on your side. The cabinet art is refreshingly Shia Lebeouf free — choosing instead to feature only Optimus and Megatron on the backglass with the sideart showing (insert echo shout) Transformers… in… space (Autobots shown on the right but the Decepticons are on the left side)!

Playfield elements include a Megatron vehicle form with rapid fire multiball and illuminated eyes, Optimus Prime elevating ramp, Bumblebee captive ball target, Decepticon laser-cut steel ramp, Ironhide character ramp, Devastator pop bumpers, All Spark Cube eject hole, Autobot/Decepticon spinning target, Cybertron zenith orbit shot, and “roll out!” ramps. The LE edition seems to have some differences which include a Megatron robot form, Starscream figure, shaker motor, illuminated bottom arch, transparent windows in ball guides, LED general illumination, and will be limited to 500 editions.

There also appears to be four, count ‘em four, versions of this game. There’s the Pro edition and Limited Edition, but there will also be a Autobot (crimson) and Decepticon (violet) Limited Collector’s Edition for each. These Collector’s Editions will feature full cabinet trim in the versions color, unique backglass (of either Autobot or Decepticon), playfield-mounted Optimus/Megatron plate, Gomez signature under hard coat, unique designer edition “Vector Sigma Data Track” QR codes and will be limited to 99 game each.

So there you have it.  The creme de la creme versions will be the individual Autobot or Decepticon versions limited to 99 each.  Guess which one I’m getting?  Thanks for the tip Blue Boost!!


Pixelated Decepticon Insignia

Hand-made pixelated Decepticon Insignia

Real life pen ink!

This is what happens when you are trying everything you can to not fall flat asleep in a development meeting.

Yeah, I totally messed up the eyes. Whoopsie! All from memory though.


Transformers Prime Starscream!

Transformers Prime Starscream action figure

The destroyer is here!!!!!

It’s beautiful!!!! So screen accurate! I’ve never seen such a spindly evil Transformer! Bravo!

Also… he has a tail!!!!


Transformers 3 Shockwave identified?

Umm, hello Transformers world, have you been sleeping for the past few months? This was posted in JUNE and I never saw it anywhere until tonight when I was looking for pictures of Shockwave’s head. These images are indeed legit, albeit probably old and very early concepts.

From looking at the video above, it can be seen that Shockwave is very much like Megatron, including the spider claw fingers. I kind of hope that changes, but perhaps it has to do with the plot. Shockwave could be of the same model as Megatron back on Cybertron.

Also, it would appear that the giant thrusters found on set also belong to old One Eye according to the images in this video. Very cool and I’m happy to finally at least see something to get me excited about Shockwave.

Transformers 3 Shockwave thrusters on set

So do these crazy props belong to Mr Laserwave?


Botcon 2010 Generation 2 Voyager Clench

Botcon 2010 Generation 2 Clench in vehicle mode

Utterly scrumptious!

Amidst all the clouds surrounding this year’s Botcon festivities, we have been given an official look at the magnificent second voyager figure that shall appear in the Botcon 2010 Generation 2 Redux boxset – Clench in the form of Universe Onslaught! It includes a brand new head mold and some bright pink and green accents.

You can all buy beers for TFW’s Whitemocha as he called this one long ago with his Generation 2 mock ups. A fabulous piece to round out this year’s boxset.

Botcon 2010 Clench compared to White Mocha's digibash

Wow, Whitemocha really nailed this one! - original photo from Seibertron.com

Botcon 2010 Generation 2 Clench in robot mode

It might be tough to get a 'clench' on this guy after the 'con!

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