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This is the best MP22 Ultra Magnus photo I’ve seen yet


He just a ‘lil guy at heart!

Hollar from the hills boys, MP-22 Ultra Magnus is out!


MP22 Masterpiece Ultra Magnus truck cab transformation revealed


The smoking gun

In addition to MP21 Bumblebee pictures, we got a new great look at M22 Ultra Magnus and all fears or hopes can be put to rest: the cab does NOT transform into a smaller Optimii.  I am in the camp of rejoicing, for I love the challenges that TakaraTomy puts in place to be as authentic to show-accuracy as possible.



Don’t admit defeat just get though, G1-toy-purists.  Apparently the cab, which is oh-so-very MP-10 Optimus shaped can actually DETACH from the rest of the trailer.  This means there are quite a few possibilities, at least for toy display purposes.  You may yet have your day in the sun…

Also, here’s the full image of all of Masterpiece Ultra Magnus’s glory from the Transformers Generation 2014 book.


This is going to be such a cool release. Will we see it hit US shores?? I can’t deal with that right now!


MP22 Ultra Magnus as a single robot without armor, finally!


Magnus – “I want you inside me”

After many months of waiting, MP22 Masterpiece Ultra Magnus has finally been revealed!!!  What we are being treated to is a very G1 anime-esque version of the big guy and like the first glimpse we got of  him in “Transformers: The Movie”, he transforms all in one shot unlike his original toy.  This continues TakaraTomy’s mission to bring us toy versions of the animated characters we were promised on screen.  I applaud the effort and am very excited to see the finished product.


What some people wanted, for stupid reasons

Many had expected a white MP-10 that had armor latched onto it but MP22 is proving to be anything but.  Look at the photos and you will see that Magnus’s thighs and torso are a completely different mold than MP10 and the cab transforms quite differently than MP10 does in order to make Optimus Prime.  This is truly a brand new unique mold and toy.



Magnus got a new truck cape!


Masterpiece 15 to be redeco of MP-10 Optimus Prime – Nemesis Prime, Ultra Magnus, or worse…

MP-15 Masterpiece Nemesis Prime Ultra Magnus

The ad-hoc predictions of the new Masterpiece line being full of Optimus and Starscream repaints may not have been so far off base after all...

Straight outta Compton, we get the first solicitation of our next Masterpiece figure. MP-15, the Prime redeco.

So clearly we have an Optimus Prime silhouette here and the easy choice is a straight repaint of Prime.  This could go many ways, the most likely of which being Nemesis Prime.  Originally it was thought that the new MP-10 design was made in order to accommodate an Ultra Magnus car carrier trailer, something that fans have been begging for since the release of MP-2.  This solicitation is still very new and has been noticeably cropped, so perhaps there is more coming than is pictured.

Ultra Magnus armor connect to MP-10 Optimus Prime

This is a proposed fan-mode for the possible connection to a masterpiece set of Ultra Magnus armor.

My spidey-senses tell me this will be a black repaint version of Black Convoy in the MP-10 mold.  If this premonition comes to pass, the real questions is this: Autobot or Decepticon?  Whatever the answer, the world weeps.

Although this may not be the re-imagined version of Ultra Magnus for the Masterpiece line, it does not exclude the possibility of one coming.  Perhaps another big number like MP-20 will be the armored Magnus reveal?  Seriously though, the remake of Optimus for the Masterpiece line is only excusable if in fact it was done to accommodate Magnus armor.  There is no other non-evil explanation!  It seems every other day I find a new reason to stop collecting… please don’t make this be another.



Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus from Botcon 2012 boxset – He gave Prime his face!

Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus toy

Diacloooooone!!!! Well, sort of.

Yay, a clear look at Botcon 2012 Ultra Magnus, a REAL CLEAR look at his clear face!!!! Ultra Ghostnus! From what I can gather, Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus is some sort of cross-over with G2 laser Optimus Prime and Bludgeon. I get that from the box art I suppose, but it’s really anyone’s guess until we get the comic that goes with this peculiar set.

Public outcry is, as expected, at a whiny fever pitch (myself included) and most of the distaste comes from the head, which if you look closely, is another remold. That’s quite a few heads we’ve gotten so far this year! Woo hoo! You can’t say that Fun Publications didn’t give it their all this year, at least from a production standpoint.

Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus head face clear


Just to get a taste of what fans are saying, here is one of the more heated comments I’ve seen:

wtf is up with the tribal bullshit! i’ll say it. its fuckin lame/stupid, what is this?… some “just got into college” shattered Ultra magnus that got drunk after a weezer concert in florida and tatooed is hood like a dumbass. WTF! Jesus! WTF!

So there you have it. We don’t like tribal bullshit on our toys. Or Zartan heads.

Here is an updated look at Magnus’ head thanks to Botcon

Botcon Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus crystal skull

Bug eyes


WST Ehobby Shining Ultra Magnus and Diaclone Powered Convoy from Heero Toy Maker

Collecticon Worlds Smallest Ehobby Diaclone Blue Ultra Magnus

That's either a tiny truck or a big kitty!

Heero Toys Maker is a seller on ebay that has gone by a few different names and has been a player in the murkier side of Transformer toys. He is creative and has been able to make some non-official production runs of world’s smallest toys including G2 Starscream & Ramjet, a G1 version of Acid Storm, and various ghost versions of other seekers. He goes so far as to make specific alterations from the original WST figures so as far as bootlegs go, I believe he does the fandom a service rather than a dis-service like other bootlegs and Knock off’s. Heero’s figures are always top quality and I’ve spend several hundred dollars with him over the past 5+ years.

I was excited to receive his unique WST versions of Shining Magnus and Diaclone Powered Convoy today at work and decided to share some quick photos. Each figure cost me over $30, but that’s pretty typical when buying from Heero on Ebay.

WST power convoy and shining ultra magnus

So what's more impressive here - the seekers or the magnii?

I was surprised with the size of the figures. The Magnus armor is rather large compared to the small cab. There are some new moldings and features not found on the original full-sized G1 version included a molded-on belt and locking mechanism for the rear section. All the joints and connection points were nice and tight. The cab just kind of sits in the armor, so that is the loosest part of the whole assembly; I wish it could clip in somehow but I can live with it.

I only purchased these to get the WST Convoy mold in these cool colors, as I am not a Magnus collector. I would definitely recommend these to any that are out there though! Hopefully you can deal with it right now!

Collecticon WST Ehobby Shining Ultra Magnus

Not so much shiney but CLEAR!


Beware – True Masterpiece Ultra Magnus not as ridiculous as once thought…

Transformers Masterpiece Ultar Magnus 2nd Run

Hot shots: Part Duex

With the toy world gearing up for a second edition of a widely under-demanded figure like MP-02 Ultra Magnus, it might behoove you to wonder just why this would be happening five years later…

Well I think I’ve figured it out: the next Masterpiece figure will not be Galvatron, but instead a fully-armored MP Convoy mold. I think this armor will be sold separately and not in a set. Can any of us really stomach another giant masterpiece box being sent across the sea to us?

Peep this photo of Sleep Convoy’s arm communicators. These arm communicators have almost 100% teased at upcoming masterpiece figures with the exception of Bumblebee’s face on MP-01. Only time will tell if this Unsolved Mystery comes to a close…

Masterpiece MP4S Convoy Sleep Mode arm communicators

Let me remind you that we already know we are getting MP Rodimus... so what's up with dude on the right?


On the set of Transformers 3 with Sentinel (Prime?)

In this video we see the big and tough “Sentinel” as he was referred to on set cruising down the highway. This was a big beast. The wheels themselves were larger than me. No one is quite sure of the identity of this character, but it’s probably somewhere between Animated Ultra Magnus and Animated Sentinel Prime. Let’s hope for more Magnus in that list of ingredients!


Ultra Magnus in Transformers 3 movie?

Is this Transformers 3 Ultra Magnus?

Separated at birth?

Someone just put a thought in my head and I just can’t get it out! If anyone has seen Inception, they know what I mean! Who cares what Nelson says… trust no one!