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Botcon 2010 Generation 2 Rapdio G2 digibash rumor

So is the first hint at what we may be seeing at this year's Botcon?


The first rumored figure for Botcon 2010 has been rumored to be Generation 2 Rapido! The news comes from the rather reliable source of S250. Two years ago, S250 accurately recounted the upcoming Shattered Glass set with stunning accuracy. This does not mean that we will see Rapido this year for certain, but the likelihood is somewhere around 75% by my guesstimate.

So maybe instead of seeing fun G2 redecos of old G1 figures, we may see some of the lesser known bots and cons from this bygone era. WhiteMocha’s G2 set isn’t looking too far off now…

Transformers Generation 2 Rapido

Oh so fast!