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Unreleased Transformers Movie 1 basics Reverb, Gunbarrel, and Backtrack

What once was lost is now found - the 3 unreleased Movie 1 Basics PACKAGED!

Remember when I told you it was Unicorn mating season?  Looks like the stork arrived!

I have finally finished my complete MISB Movie 1 collection!!!  I knew these figures existed somewhere out there and now I have them!  Maybe I can actually take a full group shot of the entire line of toys now.  In case you didn’t know, there were 3 basic class figures that didn’t make it to the end of the first Transformers movie toyline, even though they were announced.  It was two repains of the Energon Bruticus limbs as well as a repaint of Cybertron Lugnutz and Hightail.

I’ll get back to this but for now, bask in the glory of what has taken more than 2 years to acquire!