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Transformers Reflector

Someone get me some proof!!!

I just received a phone call informing me that there are reports of flipped cars, Police Tape and what appears to be film camera crews in Chicago’s downtown underbelly – the same area where the amazing Batman Begins and Dark Knight tunnel chases were filmed.  While the Batman movies were filmed mainly at night, this would reveal that some sort of big action film is being filmed during the light of this BEAUTIFUL day in Chicago!

This does not mean it is for sure Transformers 3 being filmed, but what other movie has the budget or the scope to “destroy” a busy area of downtown Chicago in the middle of the afternoon???

This is a rumor as I am unable to confirm it myself by visiting the scene, but if any would-be news-breakers have the time, go down to the south side of Michigan avenue and as Reflector would say, “SEE WHAT YOU CAN SEE!”

UPDATE: I have been informed by the fancy folks at that the filming in question can be attributed to a movie called THE LINE.  Thanks for the heads up guys and we’ll keep our ears to the ground for further Transformers 3 filming in Chicago news!