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Botcon 2010 Double Punch

So THIS is your ultra-class figure after-all!

Some auctions recently appeared on Taobao and were spotted by These are apparently some of the as-of-yet-to-be seen Botcon 2010 figures.  According to these, many of my predictions were incorrect, daggnabbit!

So as it currently stands, here is the current line-up of Botcon 2010 Toys:


  • Pyro – voyager – Autobot
  • Clench – voyager – Decepticon
  • Skybyte – deluxe – Predacon
  • Streetstar – deluxe – Autobot
  • Breakdown – deluxe – Decepticon

Attendee sets-

  • Double Punch – ultra – Decepticon
  • Slicer – deluxe – Autobot
  • Rapido – deluxe – Autobot
  • Scorch – deluxe – Autobot & SG Ravage – Heroic Decepticon
  • Gnaw – deluxe – Decepticon / Predacon

And that, as they say, is that.  The Gnaw figure is expected to appear in a troop building set of three figures, much like last year’s sweeps.  The only Shattered Glass figure we will be getting is the lovable white Ravage, which incidentally has his own Twitter page!  No word yet on which figure is the attendee freebie, but my guess is either Rapido or Scorch with SG Ravage.  If that is the case, SG Ravage will most likely become a $100-$200 figure within minutes.  Seriously, who doesn’t want that little guy?

Botcon 2010 Slicer alt mode

Seriously, no one really wants you blue-Jack.