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Transformers Battle Ops Bumblebee

Fooled me once: shame on you. Fooled me twice: shame on me.

TakaraTomy Masterpiece Movie Starscream in jet mode

No tattoos here!

When images of Hunt for the Decepticons Battle Ops Bumblebee first hit the street in early 2010, many of us pondered whether or not it would be a 5th leader class mold for the Revenge of the Fallen line.  Luckily the figure was not meant to be a leader class mold at all, but a stand-alone giant Bumblebee which would give the Ultimate Bumblebee a run for its money and namesake.

With the announcement of a new faction of the Masterpiece line consisting of Movie figures by TakaraTomy, a whole new world if possibilities has opened up in Japan.  If Leader Starscream is going to be the first Movie Masterpiece figure, that surely means there are more to come.  Surely Buster Optimus Prime was worthy enough to be featured in this line, only it didn’t exist yet…

So what do you think Japan is going to with a nice big snazzy Bumblebee that looks to be much more movie accurate than that sorry excuse for a brick, Ultimate Bumblebee?

This Collecticon is putting his chips on Masterpiece Movie Bumblebee – MM02.  I’m sure it will sport a nice shiney reflective paint job taboot versus it’s yellow submarine plastic seen over and over again in the States.

Of course this is just a prediction but I gotta strike gold sooner or later… right?

Takaratomy Masterpiece Movie Bumblebee

MM-02? Could that be you?