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Transformers Black Animated Optimus Prime

Black gold!

I must have it.

The black Animated Optimus Prime may be mine. The problem is that it is limited to 300 pieces and is only available on location at a store in a very remote area of Southern Japan. The cost is 4200 Yen and at 300 pieces I am willing to gander that this may reach the $300 USD mark the second you walk out of the store with it. But what do I know? Almost all of my predictions end up being wrong!!

Is is possible that this figure could reach the same price-status as BT-17 Black Convoy?  The potential is definitely there.  New black Optimus Primes are about as craze-inducing as MISB G1 toys so the world it its oyster.

Now how would one go about procuring one of these???  Curious curious…