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Transformers 3 filming stunt

The set of Transformers 3

I am sorry to report what many have feared for some time now: Miss Gabriella Cedillo has been permanently brain damaged by the accident that occurred on the set of Transformers 3, according to her family.

At least we finally get some accurate information about what actually happened on the set.  The Cedillo Family has filed a lawsuit against the production for the accident that affect Miss Cedillo, an extra on the film.

…stunt vehicles were being towed by flatbed trucks in the opposite lanes at about 50 mph.The stunt called for two of the towed vehicles to rise in the air and then flip, by use of a pulling cable with the idea being to cause violent rolls of the cars involved.

On the day of the accident, the eastbound stunt vehicle that was closest to the center of the road and to the extras driving their vehicles, including Cedillo, suffered a mishap when a cable and a bracket attached to the bottom of the stunt car snapped.

I’ll admit, I think just about everyone following this story expected this lawsuit to come sooner or later.  Hopefully this doesn’t affect the film, but in the grand scheme, this is a person’s life we are talking about.  It could’ve been me in Loyola hospital since September!  You can trust that Collecticon will be following this story very closely.

Check Chicago Breaking News for the full details.

Thanks to MarshallDusty for the tip.