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Transformers 3 Optimus Prime with Trailer

I SAID I smelled giftset! has just posted an initial notice of an upcoming giftset for “Ultimate Optimus Prime.” The set comes with the trailer and it will turn into armor to power-up the Autobot leader.  See my initial prediction of this giftset here.

The real news here is confirmation of the trailer’s function.  Some had assumed it will be a replacement for Jetfire’s parts, or will even house them.  Now it will apparently become Prime’s new pants.  There is also expected to be a combination of Prime with the proposed Space Shuttle Transformer so that Prime can travel to the moon, most likely in a speedy few seconds.

At two-per-case, this is going to be a similar size to ROTF Devastator or Movie 1 & 2 Ultimate Bumblebee.  Considering what a brick of crap Ultimate Bumblebee actually was, lets pray that this toy stands on its own and simply is the truly Ultimate Optimus Prime.

Super Optimus Prime by Ben Procter

Ultimately hidious!

I’m not holding my breath because honestly, how can they top the ROTF leader Prime??  Please make us drool… please!