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Ultimate Optimus Prime my ass!

I guess we have to take the bad with the good

As I feared, the “ultimate” moniker is anything but. Ultimate Optimus Prime’s toy form was revealed today to the dismay of, well, fucking everyone! See what the fuss is about by checking out more photos of this monstrosity.

The trailer is just a wraparound set of butterfly wings for Optimus and the toy itself is a far cray from the incredible engineering we saw in Leader Optimus Prime. This toy is going to join in with the other “ultimate” transformer toy from the first two movies, Ultimate Bumblebee. It also appear to be about as bad as Revenge of the Fallen Devastator.

These toys jsut aren’t meant to get much bigger than 12 inches tall. Please, just give it a rest and stick to the deluxe and voyager figures!

Revenge of the Fallen Devastator SUCKS!