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Masterpiece Optimus Prime TRU exclusive price increase online

Now we're talkin

Anyone in Chicago that might be following a little friendly wager made about the price of Masterpiece Optimus Prime should be intrigued to see this twist in the plot: Masterpiece Optimus Prime is not for sale for $99.99 anymore, and is now listed at $119.99.  This is quite similar to what Toys R Us has a history of doing for other Masterpiece toys including Grimlock (Originally $50, up to $75) and Hot Rod ($50, up to $70).  Why does this happen?  I’d say it’s a continuous oversight on the staff that sets the MSRP at TRU, but that’s just conjecture.

The key here is that Masterpiece Optimus is more appropriately priced at $119.99 considering it size and all of the accessories.  With the continued steady increase in price for Transformer toys across the board, the increase in price for larger figures is not all that unexpected.

So what does this mean for those of us teetering on the final price of the USA release of MP10?  Apparently, it means Hasbro IS capable of releasing Transformers for over $100 at retail.  Sorry Jesse, I got’cha.