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Purple reign

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle, the Purple Jetron my Japanese ex-patriot pal @hobbydrifter sent me from Wonderfest 2020 got here in less than a week! Seriously, you can’t buy service like this! I will show it off now, enjoy! You can also see the figure displayed on the 2/12/2020 episode of “Ouch My Wallet” from the TFTalk Network.

Paralyzing Toys Purple Air Warrior Jetron from Wonderfestival 2020 in japan in package
He never meant cause you any sorrow…

This figure is not for everyone. It’s a small batch art-house custom vinyl action figure that is literally a brick. Some collectors might describe it as a ‘bathtub toy’ and that is part of the chic of it. The minimal packaging does bum me out slightly, but that’s only because I own the previously released Starscream toy which had a removable bubble and a very G1-esque purple grid card with classic box art on the back. Beggars shan’t be choosers though. Let’s take on the back.

Transformers Paralyzing Toys Jetron Wonder Festival 2020 Japan Back of Package
I only wanted one time to see you laughing…

The back of package illustrates just how simple this toy is. With almost all of the toys in this custom toyline the back is left completely unpainted, I mean, almost. The jet intakes appear to have been painted onto the back but that’s it. One thing you might notice from this view of the package is that it has the TakaraTomy logo on it! Bingo! Officially licensed!

Paralyzing Toys Japan Wonderfest 2020 Package information
I only want to see you laughing in my purple reign…!

Ok so this is a bunch of Japanese kanji which I can’t and won’t try to translate. Have at it Collecticons! That’s it! Be sure to follow the designer as indicated on the package, @yutanishouten on Instagram! Good luck finding on on Yahoo Japan, it’s already far above the ¥6500 yen it was available for at the show. Thanks for reading!