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MP-10DC Convoy Atmos Duck Camo Ver.
Get your duck hunting gear!

At the stroke of midnight CST Thursday, March 19 2020, ATMOS sent out an SMS notification to anyone who has their app installed about the Duck Camo release details, and there’s a ton to see!

It appears that even without the Atmos Con Vol. 8 event that was cancelled due to Corona Virus fears in Japan, our favorite new MP-10 redeco will see release along side a variety of related products such as bags, shoes, and who really cares, this is a Transformers blog.

Here’s the details, as far as I can discern from online translations:

  • Release date: Thursday March 26, 2020
  • Price: ¥19,000 + Tax
  • Availability: Most Atmos stores in Japan and their online store
Master over his dominion.

So what’s the best way to get this beautiful son of a bitch? Well, I’ve yet to successfully order anything from the Atmos online store while being in the USA. It’s likely that the sneakerheads will be going for the shoes, and the fashionistas will clamor for the camo bags, but MP-10DC? Most of the previously mentioned collector demographics don’t understand the toy cross-over. They may skip over it because it’s an expensive novelty they just don’t grasp the concept of. GREAT! More for us.

He really blends in.

Your best bet is to physically be in Japan at one of the stores in a major Japanese city like Osaka or Tokyo. Snagging one of these limited edition decos of MP-10 for under $200 seems like a great idea. If only I knew someone living in japan…

Oh you can also preorder it with Collecticon Toys if you want someone else to do all the dirty work for you… but it’ll cost ya!

Photos from the Atmos website.