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Flight Dunny chase reveals – It’s Thundercracker and Skywarp

kid robot dunny flight chase thunder cracker

Seeker time!

As it turns out, the chases are indeed Thundercracker and Skywarp.  I was lucky enough to nab a Thundercracker in my 3 pack I got in store this morning at Rotofugi.  I also snagged some photos of the Starscream version with some of his more Transformers brethren.

Starscream knight morpher dunny kid robot fall of cybertron toys

Hey, the guy to your right is 3rd party too!

Kid Robot Dunny Flight with MP-11 Coronation Starscream

Old to new to hyper new.


G1 Movie Leader Starscream with flight funny

Gerwalk this way!


News of the weird: Half-ton ‘Transformers’ wine-rack for sale $7000

Transformers winerack on craigslist $7000


In case you didn’t want to buy a Transformers pinball machine this year but still have $7000 burning a hole in your shorts, I present to you this arcane creation available on the Phoenix Craigslist.  The amalgamation is listed as “Half Ton Transformer-style Wine Rack made of auto transmission parts” and is priced at $7000.

Clearly a Decepticon, the beast touts a 32 bottle capacity that will surely make you the talk of Cybertron.

lights on transformers craigslist wine rack

Feel my grapes of wrath!

Unfortunately, it’s a stretch to label this a Transformer, considering the articulation is nil, it does not even remotely represent any character, and it’s just downright ugly.  My favorite part are the shoes strewn about, as if Winotron has laid waste to all the come before him.  Happy Friday.


Destroy the Robot Masters – the best 8-bit Transformers shirt yet at RIPT Apparel

cool daily t shirt RIPT

Who will MEGA Man challenge first?

RIPT Apparel did it again, with just a few days before Botcon starting. Transformerland is about to go into fever-mode and this is the match that will light the fire!

Let me explain this shirt if you are a bit miffed: This is a parody of the start screen for the original 8-bit NES game Mega Man 2 which featured 8 bosses. You chose which level you wanted to play based on the boss of that level. Each boss had the suffix “man” on their name. For instance: Cut Man, Guts Man, Crash Man, Flash man, etc. This was repeated for almost every Mega Man game following it, the first game only had 6 bosses (and was hard as hell!).

Mega Man 2 start screen bosses

Just in case you are too young to have ever played a game that didn't basically play itself.

Not only that, the bosses were called the “robot masters,” which is a name also shared by a faction of Transformers in Japan. Robot Masters was a short-run line of toys from the early 2000’s.

So yeah, the shirt is brilliant. Thanks Ninjaink for another amazing design at RIPT Apparel!



Narcissistron comic by Douge Savage

It's the Transformer every transfan wants to be but wouldn't admit it!

Check out this humorous comic from Doug Savage and his blog savagechickens.  I want more new characters!


Transform your Nintendo Entertainment System into Soundwave and Rumble – RIBFIR

Transformers Soundwave and Rumble as Nintendo

It's amazing!!!!!

I have no idea who made this design or took the photo but it is simply amazing!


Transformers meet Stanley Kubrick – “Full Die-cast Jacket” shirt at RIPT tomorrow

Megatron helmet t-shirt design

Megatron loses his hat!

I just caught wind of tomorrow’s RIPT Apparel t-shirt called “Full Die-cast Jacket.” If you’re scratching your dandruff-ridden heads about what that means, it’s meant to be a parody of Stanley Kubrick’s classic masterpiece “Full Metal Jacket.”  The artist is a long-time Transformers fan named Dann Matthews, you can check out more of his work at danndesigns.com.

The shirt will be on sale starting at midnight CST tonight so get your paypal passwords ready!

Full Metal Jacket

"I don't know but I've been told, Autobot pussy is full of mold!"


Bathing Ape Optimus Prime – BAPE Convoy has me dreaming in green

Bathing Ape G1 Convoy

Grape ape, grape ape

At long last I received a long-lost order from my trustworthy associate Bodhar. The very hard to get Bathing Ape G1 Convoy (aka Bape Prime) is now in my grasp and inches me ever closer to tasting the G1 Optimus Prime cab rainbow.


Orange planets can’t jump – Funny Transformers Unicron art from Eyemelt

Unicron dunking a planet basketball

There are seriously not enough good jokes like this in Transformers

Came across artist Eyemelt’s awesome Transformers Unicron basketball dunking a moon parody today. Simply stunning. Someone show this guy the front door to RIPT Apparel…


Awesome animated short featuring Transformers, Gobots, and Legos – The King of Legoland

Check out this sweet animated short by Youtube user dunun.  Thanks for showing it to me Jessecuster!


Megaman versus Movie Masterpiece Starscream!

Megaman vs Transformers – Watch more Game Trailers

This video is simply incredible. It also features my #1 Transformer from 2010!