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More Atmos MP-10 Convoys incoming – End of days

Only three days late with this bombshell – photo by @ldn2hk on instagram

You’d think things like this wouldn’t get past the Transformers fandom, but alas, there’s leaks in the ship. Three days ago, SEVENTY-TWO HOURS, an event in Japan rocked the sneakerhead nation: Atmos Con Vol. 6. Like usually with these shoe / toy crossovers, it happened in Japan and it seems like literally no one is around to figure out any details that can be translated into English.

The only reason I even stumbled upon this was by finding this video recap of the event on the @atmos_tokyo Instagram page which features some quick shots of before un-seen MP-10 shoe redecos. Oy vey.

Uploaded by yours truly

So let’s do a count of how many of these there are so far:

  • Elephant Convoy – Revealed at Wonderfest 2019
  • Viotech Convoy – Revealed at Wonderfest 2019
  • Duck Camo Convoy – Seen at Wonderfest 2019
  • MP-10ASL (Atmos Safari LeBron Ver.) – released March 2, 2019
  • Tiger Camo Convoy – revealed at Atmos Con Vol. 6 on March 10, 2019
  • Animal Convoy – revealed at Atmos Con Vol. 6 on March 10, 2019
Elephant is still out there – photo by @ldn2hk on instagram

So what does this mean for would be MP-10 completists? Well, the game just got more complicated and you better start saving up! These are going to be some of the most difficult to acquire Transformers of all time. This is my prediction since there’s still zero to almost negative amounts of information on these and they just keep popping up like weeds!

Edit: Originally we incorrectly named Animal Convoy as Tiger Camo Convoy (Yellow) and Tiger Camo Convoy listed as Tiger Camo Convoy (Black).


Master-peace? – MP-10ASL Convoy (Atmos Safari Lebron Ver.) scores a three

He shoots, he scores!!!!!!

Welcome to the new world of Transformers Masterpiece collecting. If you thought Bapes were a scourge, if you couldn’t believe MP-44’s retail price was over $400, if you thought Ghostbusters x Transformers Masterpiece toys were just hogwash… well I have three words for you bucko:

Earlier this year, we were treated to incredible mock-ups of MP-10 Masterpiece Convoy at Wonderfest 2019. These crazy decos were billed as some kind of Atmos x Transformers collaboration. It was very difficult to find any details about these as far as their authenticity or expectations of mass release. The general consensus is that one or more of these figures MIGHT see a wide release or one of the decos may see a limited run in Japan, similar to the Bape crossover figures.

Transformers Atmos MP10 Convoy display Wonderfest 2019
The Convoy display at Wonderfest 2019. Photo by Snakas.
Transformers Atmos Shoe Wonderfest voting

Well, my fellow Collecticons, today brings us even more news. The first official Atmos crossover with Transformers goes on sale March 2nd in Japan along with the NIKE LEBRON XVI LOW “SAFARI” shoes. See for yourself at Atmos Japan.

Transformers Masterpiece MP-10ASL Convoy (Atmos Safari Lebron Ver.) Robot
The man, the myth, the machine.


Well, there’s not a ton of info yet, since I’ve never attempted to purchase from the Atmos Japan store living in the states, but I’m working hard to get the details. Here’s what we know:

  • It’s being released on Saturday March 2nd, 2019 in Japan. No time is mentioned but apparently the stores open at 11 AM Tokyo JST (I’ll just do the math for your lazy asses and tell you the stores open March 1st, 8 PM CST)
  • The MP-10ASL Convoy will be available in-person at Atmos Japan stores for ¥20,000 + tax (approx $181). No word yet on if it will be available on their webstore or not, but there may be hope. These are the stores that open at 11 AM JST.
  • If you want to prepare for the online sales rush, you might want to create an account on Atmos Japan. Good luck!
  • The shoes will be available online for ¥17,500 + tax but it’s likely to be a very busy time on the site. Here is the site, no specific link for the products is currently available as of this posting.
  • The shoes, but sadly not the action figure, will be available in the USA on March 2nd at 10 AM EST at regular sneakerhead outlets and Nike.com. Price is $175 + tax.
Lebron Nike Safari

So there you have it. If this is any indication for what’s next, we are likely to see a LOT of reuses of the MP-10 mold for these shoe collaborations. Good luck Collecticons, and hopefully this doesn’t make those completists out there say “Master-peace!” if they haven’t already.

MP-10ASL Atmos Safari Lebron Photos
This is what happens when Teletraan-1 strikes midnights: He turns into a pumpkin!

MP-10ASL Convoy will be available while supplies last at Collecticon.toys but expect a heavy after-market mark-up!


TakaraTomy AD-32 Stinger is coming…


The Decepticon Swarm



A selection of photos from my recent Japan trip September 2014


That weird Chibi Girl / card game Optimus poster


Akihabara Radio Tower Lucky Draw case in the hallway. SERIOUS money in here.


Sentinel Giant posable Scorponok. This thing is wicked awesome and HUGE!!!


Akiba Electronics store in Akihabara Lost Age Advanced display



$1000 Takara G1 Scorponok priced at slightly under $1000 at the Shibuya Mandarake


This little guy came out while I was abroad and he is awesome! It’s like a transformable Revoltech figure.


The pen is mightier…


Will anyone buy this amazing and HUGE statue? “Time to find out…”


Very rare Movie 1 Lucky Draw Protoform Optimus Prime. I believe this is the first photo of one I’ve seen on the net.


Lucky Draw Protoform Starscream is mine. Thank Japan!


Worth its weight in gold… literally

I just wanted to drop in after an extended absence to report that I have found a grail in Japan during my trip.  The day after my birthday, I was able to snag this very rare lucky draw movie 1 figure that has eluded me for years since it’s initial release.  Originally one showed up on Ebay by the enigmatic TF seller Hydra.  I did not win the auction since it was purchased outright and it’s burned me ever since!  Now I can happily say it is mine.  A little bit out of my intended price range, but there supposedly only five of these and it was pretty much my birthday present so… justified, I think?

More coming from my Japan trip as soon as I get decent internet!  The struggle is real Collecticons!


The differences between Takara and Hasbro Generations Metroplex – metro titan army building 101


Hasbro on the left, TakaraTomy on the right

Fans have been asking for troop-builders for a while now, but $100+ troop builders?  Dang!  Sometimes we really get what we deserve!

IDW has been hitting Metroplex HARD and it seems with good reason.  Making such an expensive toy comes with risks for the retailers and so Hasbro most likely whispered in their creative outlets’ ears quite loudly that Metroplex needed to be important in the coming years. With the new lore involved with mulitple city-bots from Cybertron’s distant past, it only seems natural that we would get a variety of versions of this monstros-city. If you purchase the Hasbro version, you can get the TakaraTomy version to spice up your city bot graveyard.

The differences are nominal, but to a collector decently contrasting.


The big guy is back!!

Hasbro Version:

  • one large red gun
  • white face
  • white areas on shoulders
  • yellow safety paint on ramp door
  • black stomach center surrounding red core
  • unpainted hips
  • white thighs
  • unpainted white knees
  • unpainted toes
  • black ramp
  • white missile battery
  • gray landing ramps


He big

TakaraTomy Version:

  • two large red guns
  • silver painted face
  • yellow and red areas on shoulders
  • no paint on ramp door
  • white stomach center surrounding red core
  • black and red painted hips
  • gray thighs
  • black painted knees
  • red painted toes
  • white ramp
  • red missile battery
  • white landing ramps with yellow paint

So the choice is yours.  Get the “regular” version, which I consider the Hasbro one, or import the deluxe crazy version from TakaraTomy.  If you are troop building this guy, and God help you if you are, then you better get both and that inevitable Metrotitan Decepticon exclusive.


“Nobody steps on a church in my town!”


MP13 will be a remold of MP12 – probably Breakdown

Transformers MP13 Masterpiece

Not such a big surprise afterall

A bunch of hoopla is spreading in Transformerland due to the typical spooky Japanese methods of teasing new figures. We see a black silhouette of an upcoming toy with no size indication or explanation.

If you look closely, the profile very closely resembles that of the newly revealed MP12 Sideswipe prototype, minus the giant shoulder cannon. My guess is this is a remolded Decepticon version of MP12 as Breakdown. Simple as that.

EDIT: I was wrong


He’s a Firestarter – TakaraTomy Masterpiece Sunstorm MP11-S announced

Transformers Masterpiece Sunstorm MP11-S

"Hey guys, here for the party! What? Not who you were expecting?"

Curve ball number 905 for 2012 – MASTERPIECE SUNSTORM IS COMING! Will he have a cape? I sure hope he does. He is Starscream’s brother afterall. Definitely picking this mother up when it comes near. Be careful, he’s hot!

Oh yeah, some other toy was announced today too.


Bathing Ape Optimus Prime – BAPE Convoy has me dreaming in green

Bathing Ape G1 Convoy

Grape ape, grape ape

At long last I received a long-lost order from my trustworthy associate Bodhar. The very hard to get Bathing Ape G1 Convoy (aka Bape Prime) is now in my grasp and inches me ever closer to tasting the G1 Optimus Prime cab rainbow.


Transformers United gets a new lease on life – Unicron, Windcharger, and more coming to Japan

Transformers United Windcharger and Wipe Out TakaraTomy Japan

"----A new challenger appears!"

If you’ve been reading this blog at all, then I hope I’ve been teaching you a thing or two about Transformer Toys and what to expect.  It should come as no surprise that today announcement came for another wave of Transformers United toys coming in 2012.  There were quite a few molds that never saw the light of day in Japan from the latest Generations line.  What you may not have expected though was the late release of a few deluxe-sized figures that never made it Japan from the Cybertron line. The rule of thumb is if it was release in one country, it will, some day, no matter how long it takes, be released in the other countries as well. I will die a nerd death defending this proverb.

These figures include Sharkticon, Optimus Primal, Beast Megatron, and the big little guy, Unicron in tank form. It’s almost dismissive how these figures never saw a release in the land of the Rising Sun, where they were most likely designed. Here in the USA, most collectors lament whenever they can’t get one little figure like Windcharger and forget the amount of exclusives toys we actually get. tsk tsk tsk…

Transformers United Deluxe Unicron from Cybertron Unicron tank

Look ma, no giant teeth!

Here is the finalize list of figures from Big Bad Toy Store:

It’s not quite apparent if Sharkticon will be named Sharkticon or be some weird version of the Axalon from Beast Wars. Here’s hoping for the Axalon version. Unicron will be a big hit, even with the recent larger releases. Not many caught the Cybertron version… although THIS Collecticon sure did. Expect the Windcharger / Wipe Out set to be exciting at first, but then be revealed for the lackluster release it is (especially when compared to the cool new Encore releases!).

Hey, at least there are no Optimus Primes this time! ^_^

Transformers United Thunder Megatron G2 Purple tank

Purple, and loving it!